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China Mobile Market

With a population of over 1.4 billion, China has become the world’s #1 mobile market. The amount of time and money that Chinese users spend on mobile games and apps is also growing rapidly.
Mobile users
1.57 billion
Android users
987 million
Mobile gamers
605 million

Our Services

As a local company, Magic Studio has established strong partnerships with China's mainstream app stores and social media. We offer comprehensive localization, distribution, user acquisition and app monetization services, giving chances for developers to reach 1 billion Chinese users.
User Acquisition


Localization of a game or an app goes far beyond merely text translation. It also requires understanding of local customs and cultures to make adjustments in various aspects of mobile games and applications.
Manual testing of your app to determine what changes need to be made to optimize its performance in China
Translating your games and apps into Chinese
Reshaping your mobile game or application brand to ensure that user interface, game play and style are more in line with local usage
Advice on which SDKs to integrate to ensure that your app can be used in China


We have legal corporate qualifications and have a very close working relationship with China's major Android app stores, which can help developers who want to enter Chinese market obtain official distribution permission and provide strong support from third-party app stores.
Applying to China’s regulatory authorities for game licenses to enable your app to be published
Removal of unauthorized copies of your app from the mainstream Chinese app stores to protect your intellectual property (right)
Publishing your app to the mainstream Chinese app stores and updating your app on every store when a new version is released
App Store Optimization

User Acquisition

With years of professional service experience and long-time relationships with mainstream marketing networks, we have highly effective marketing plans that can promote your products in the widest range of marketing channels and deliver them to the target audience accurately.
Making the right packages for dozens of local market according to their different requirements of SDKs to publish on their marketplace
Application and social media marketing (web and in-app advertising, WeChat, Weibo, Baidu SEO and influencer media)
Public Relations management


Our all-in-one ad monetization solution helps developers manage ad networks conveniently and maximize revenue easily.
Professional advice on monetization methods to do the business
Providing one-stop SDK and 20+ Chinese Android app store monetization SDKs
Dashboard to review all the performance data

Our Partners

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